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Mark Blumenstein

In 1973 Mark Blumenstein moved to West Virginia, a move which would define his career. He began working with recycled farm tools and machinery to create whimsical and kinetic objects. Over time his work has evolved, using silverware and industrial springs, to create new objects of art. He still enjoys, he says, “discovering the hidden magic that comes from working with the blue flame and the heated metals.” You can learn more about him at

Music for this episode was composed by Drew Cyphers and Elliot Johnson. We discovered them at Mirror Mirror Music, a new music library.  You can preview its library at

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Mark Blumenstein

Photo by MJ Carr

About 30 years ago when I work at WSWP-TV, the PBS station located in Beckley WV, I produced a short story for our weekly news magazine about an artist named Mark Blumenstein. He made really funky metal sculptures from old farm tools. Fast forward 30 plus years and we visited with Mark at his farm near Alderson WV. He is still creating really cool funky metal sculptures. And he is still an amazing person. We will share his short documentary tomorrow.

ArtVoiceWV: Celebrating the Artists

Ever wonder what a half-hour program might look like? Well, here is an example we created for West Virginia Public Broadcasting and its The West Virginia Channel.

In this program, we celebrate five talented artists: printmake/painter Susan Carney, sculptor Massimo Righini, musician Billy Thompson, printmaker Rhonda J Smith, and writer Jeanne Mozier.
Music credits: Dan Phillipson (, Gyasi Heus, Blake Wynia, and Billy Thompson.
ArtVoiceWV is a production of 78 Degrees West Films.

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