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Miyuki Akai Cook

Miyuki Akai Cook was born and raised in Japan.  She enjoyed making things with her hands, such as drawing, painting, and paper cutting. She told us that she wanted to skip high school and go directly to college to pursue a desire fro interior design.

But while at Seian Woman’s college in Kyoto Miyuki was introduced to  fiber arts and enthralled her but stilled earned her degree in Interior Design.

When Miyuki was 25 she returned to the US and re-discovered an interest in textile while she was studying at University of North Texas.  In 2006 she received MFA in Fiber/ Artisianry from University of Massachusetts- Dartmouth. She has been passionate for education and currently teaching at Marshall University. Learn more about Miyuki at

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ArtVoiceWV: Dick Allowatt

Dick Allowatt is a West Virginian who worked as a graphic designer in Charleston. His design background has informed his collage and assemblage art. We became aware of Dick when he received a Governor’s Arts Award in 2015. You can find out more about Dick and his art at

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