We would like to thank the following individuals who have contributed to our 2017 Campaign to profile WV Emerging Artists while continuing to profile established artists across the state:

Clara Ladd & David Graves, Salley and Jerry Berman, Karen and Rick Schneider, The Morgan County Foundation for Arts, Science and Technology, Ceil & Randy Jones, Eryn & Brian Lampe, Beth & Tim Roland, Larry Lower, Jan Weinberg, Jane Frenke, Massimo Righini, Kim Potter, Jane McCloud, Crowford Horne, Pan and Ren Parzareli, Leona Mackey, Gat Caperton, Jeanne Mozier, Darlene & Gene Hoffman, Carol & Jean-Pierre Hsu, Glenn Horr, Arlene and Tony Verge,T he Arlington Institute, Lynn Ferris, Lynn Lavin, Dick Allowatt, and Mark Blumenstein

Our contributors in 2016 were:

Dave Graves, Harold & Jan Bright, Sally & Jerry Berman, Polly & Terre Jones, Lisa & Wyatt Smiley, Rick & Karen Schneider, Ceil & Randy Jones, Clara Ladd, Eryn & Brian Lampe, Kate Lehman, Beth & Tim Rowland, Ian Weinschel, Gat Caperton, Charles Bailey, Neil Super, Richard Ioli, New Earth Granary, Anna & Jim Russell, Carol & Jean-Pierre Hsu, Larry Lower, Steve Voicing, Lynn Ferris, Lynn Lavin, Michael Kiker, FAST Foundation, Arlene & Tony Verge, Jane McCloud, Star Theater, Jan Weinberg, Jane Frenke, Pat & Bob Marggraf, and Glenn Horr.