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ArtVoiceWV Gallery Show

Here are some images from last night’s gallery opening. The show runs until July 15 at the Ice House Artists Co-op in Berkeley Springs, WV.

Ice House Gallery Show

Tonight the Ice House Gallery in Berkeley Springs opens a new art show. Titled ArtVoiceWV, the show features 25 West Virginia artist who have been profiles in our ArtVoiceWV series. 3C5DE864-7A34-45D3-A1E2-18638C3C4A47 Curated by Marla Carr, the artists include Dick Allowatt, Michael Teel, Leona Mackey, Miyuki Acai Cook, Hannah Lenhart, Rosalie Haizlett, seth, Jane Frenke, Lynn Lavin, Lynn Ferris, Diane Petersen, Mark Schwenk, Glenn Horr, Rhonda Smith, Susan Carney, Acadia Kandora, Richard Kaufman, Massimo Righini, Neil Super, Carol & Jean-Pierre Hsu, Pam & Ren Parziale, Peter Wood, Tim Wohleber, Kim Potter, and Ginger Danz.

The show runs until July 15, 2018.

Acadia Kandora

Acadia Kandora was born in New Jersey but didn’t grow up there. Instead she moved nine times during her childhood. That continuing “change of place” instilled in her an experimental drive to continue to create art that pushes traditional processes. Her path through art has been filled with twists and turns, taking her from design to sculpture to printmaking.

As a graduate student at Shepherd University, Acadia has distilled the three mediums into one stunning process. Learn more about Acadia at

Music was composed by Bruce Bruce Maginnis and licensed through

ArtVoiceWV is production of 78 Degrees West Inc, a 501(c)(3) devoted to telling the stories of West Virginia’s creative artists. Major support for ArtVoiceWV is provided by Clara Ladd & David Graves and the Tamarack Foundation for the Arts. Additional support is provided by Sally & Jerry Berman, Karen & Rick Schneider, and The Morgan County Forum for Arts, Science and Technologies, Inc.

Mark Blumenstein

In 1973 Mark Blumenstein moved to West Virginia, a move which would define his career. He began working with recycled farm tools and machinery to create whimsical and kinetic objects. Over time his work has evolved, using silverware and industrial springs, to create new objects of art. He still enjoys, he says, “discovering the hidden magic that comes from working with the blue flame and the heated metals.” You can learn more about him at

Music for this episode was composed by Drew Cyphers and Elliot Johnson. We discovered them at Mirror Mirror Music, a new music library.  You can preview its library at

ArtVoiceWV is production of 78 Degrees West Films. Major support for ArtVoiceWV is provided by Dave Graves, Sally & Jerry Berman, and Jan & Harold Bright. Additional support is provided by Polly & Terre Jones, Karen & Rick Schneider, Clara Ladd Ceil & Rand Jones, Pat & Bob Marrgraf, Jan Weinberg, Arlene & Tony Verge, FAST Foundation, Star Theater, Susan & Gat Caperton, Ian Weinschel, Beth & Tim Rowland, Kate Lehman, Jane McCloud and Eryn & Brian Lampe.

Mark Blumenstein

Photo by MJ Carr

About 30 years ago when I work at WSWP-TV, the PBS station located in Beckley WV, I produced a short story for our weekly news magazine about an artist named Mark Blumenstein. He made really funky metal sculptures from old farm tools. Fast forward 30 plus years and we visited with Mark at his farm near Alderson WV. He is still creating really cool funky metal sculptures. And he is still an amazing person. We will share his short documentary tomorrow.

Berkeley Springs Studio Tour

Mark your calendars! On October 22 & 23 an all new Berkeley Springs Studio Tour is your must see event. Visit nine artists in their studios on Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 5pm. Here is a promo we produced to get the word out. Share with your friends!

ArtVoiceWV: Neil Super

Several years ago Neil Super left his job to become a full-time home dad. As his children got older, he grew restless, which led to various creative pursuits that included tapping Sugar Maples and making pure maple syrup for sale at local farm markets. At some point he began to pursue his love of beautiful wood by making carvings from fallen maple branches, and ultimately purchased his first wood lathe. That was roughly eight years ago. Today, examples of Neil’s turnings can be found in local craft and art galleries, juried art exhibits, and the May, 2014, issue of Southern Living Magazine, among other places. A member of the Artist’s Co-ops of West Virginia’s Berkeley and Morgan Counties, Neil is currrently producing turnings from wood taken from places of local and regional historical significance. He operates under the banner “Two Rivers Turnings” and lives and works in Historic Shepherdstown.
To learn more about Neil and see examples of his work visit

Music for this episode is by cellist Betsy Tinney. You can hear more of her wonderful music at

ArtVoiceWV is an original online series that explores the creative spark in artists. It is produced by 78 Degrees West Films. Our gear for this episode: Canon XF300, Canon XF205, and Olympus OM-D-E-M10. Edited and graded with FCPX.

ArtVoiceWV: Massimo Righini

Massimo Righini is an Italian-American sculptor. He was born in Italy and grew up during WWII. As a teenager Righini taught himself to sculpt stones picked out of the river beds in Italy, using simple, old techniques with mallet, chisels, rasps and elbow grease. But his career as a surgeon in the US put that “hobby” on hold until he retired. Looking for something to occupy his time he took up his “old flame” and launched a second career. As a young man whose worldview was shaped by war and its aftermath, Massimo questioned authority, both civil and religious. And that influenced his perspective as an artist. Learn more about Massimo here:

Music was kindly provided by Blake Wynia, a very talented musician who enjoys playing with a Halo. You can hear more of his music and download it at

This program is presented with financial assistance from the WV Division of Culture and History, and the National Endowment for the Arts, with approval from the WV Commission on the Arts.

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