It is amazing how quickly this year has gone by. It’s been a busy and productive one for us. We’ve met talented and passionate people with an abundance of joy in the works they create. The beauty they share brings tranquility and inspiration to us all.

We are seeking your support for another season of ArtVoiceWV. It is our goal to continue to document these artists and their talents, their philosophies. Last year, with your financial help, we raised funds to produce eleven short documentaries about West Virginia’s creative arts community. The series won two International Telly Awards. In addition, two of our shorts were accepted into film festivals – one in West Virginia (we won in the Best Documentary short/Appalachian Filmmaker category); the other in Cardiff, Wales.

We hope that you have approved our efforts, and enjoyed the array of artists that we have portrayed. In the year to come, we anticipate continuing and expanding our mission as we “curate Appalachia artfully.” Won’t you join us?

You can contribute directly to 78 Degrees West Inc via check or cash, saving us 7.2% in processing fees.

If you prefer using a credit card, you can contribute online through our IndieGogo Campaign site – The campaign is open to accept new contributions.

Our goal is to raise an additional $5,400 allowing us to travel West Virginia as we locate rural and urban artists. And remember, your contribution is fully tax deductible.

Thank you for your continued support of ArtVoiceWV and the artists we document.

Jack & Marla

Make checks payable to:
78 Degrees West Inc.
80 Lacie Lane, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411