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Kim Potter

We met Kim about four years ago during a studio tour of Berkeley Springs artists. Marla really liked his coats and jackets. A couple of years later we asked him about having us produce a short about him for ArtVoiceWV. He politely declined, a combination of modesty and nervousness. This past Spring, we took up the studio tour again and met up with Kim. He blurted out that he thought he was ready for us to profile him.

Surprised and happy we set up time to visit his studio with our cameras. Though he was still nervous about the interview, we all had an enjoyable time. Learn more about Kim at
Music was composed by Marie Hines ( and licensed through (
ArtVoiceWV is production of 78 Degrees West Films. Assisting us on this production was Rick Watson (2nd camera).

ArtVoiceWV is funded though 78 Degrees West Inc, a 501(c)(3). Major support for ArtVoiceWV is provided by Dave Graves, Sally & Jerry Berman, and Jan & Harold Bright. Additional support is provided by Polly & Terre Jones, Karen & Rick Schneider, Clara Ladd Ceil & Rand Jones, Pat & Bob Marrgraf, Jan Weinberg, Arlene & Tony Verge, FAST Foundation, Star Theater, Susan & Gat Caperton, Ian Weinschel, Beth & Tim Rowland, Kate Lehman, Jane McCloud and Eryn & Brian Lampe.

Preview and Review

Our new documentary short about designer/craftsman John Wesley Williams will be published tomorrow. So we thought we’d take a moment and look back at one of our earlier artists – Jane Frenke.

Berkeley Springs Studio Tour

Mark your calendars! On October 22 & 23 an all new Berkeley Springs Studio Tour is your must see event. Visit nine artists in their studios on Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 5pm. Here is a promo we produced to get the word out. Share with your friends!

Grant Award

 The WV Commission on the Arts approved a grant to support our ArtVoiceWV online series. In January we applied for a Professional Development Grant. In the grant narrative I wrote:

“ArtVoiceWV is a collaborative effort between the artist and me. While it is collaborative process, it is also about trust. There is no script, no storyboard, and no pre-production discussion. Each artist has simply trusted me to produce an artful and compelling story about them.

My goal is to give each artist a high-quality product that can be used as promotion tool. Most of the artists have added the video to their website. Some have actively shared the video profile with other artists and art blogs. The Morgan Arts Council links to ArtVoiceWV from their homepage. On Facebook, MAC promotes the release of each episode. My long-range plan is to expand ArtVoiceWV beyond Morgan County”.

When we applied in January for the grant, I was hopeful but realistic. I was new to the state and didn’t have any sort of track record with the Arts Commission. I met the folks from the Commission at a grant workshop a couple of months earlier. They were very encouraging so I gave it a try. There was a long silence after I submitted the grant application. And so I sort of gave up. But then a thick envelop arrived in the mail just after July 1st. The news was good. The review panel gave me high marks: very professional work sample, hope to see ArtVoiceWV expand statewide, great resume and focus on tourism efforts positive. Challenges? None. You can imagine how elated I was/am.

So in future episode of ArtVoiceWV you will see this acknowledgement at the end of every video profile:

This program is presented with the financial assistance from the West Virginia Division of Culture, with approval from the West Virginia Commission on the Arts.


ArtVoice: Jane Frenke

Jane Frenke is an award-winning weaver and quilter. She earned undergraduate degree in graphic arts from Seaton Hill College. After leaving New York University, Jane started her career as a weaver. Her hand weaving business featuring woven clothing and home decoration evolved into an umbrella for creativity in fiber — clothing, fabric dying, quilting, wall hanging and more. After 28 years as a weaver, Jane decided to buy cloth rather than make it but she is still intimately involved in the process, creating dynamically dyed and stenciled fabrics. Visit Jane’s website

ArtVoiceWV is an online series that profiles West Virginia artists in partnership with the Morgan Arts Council and Fairfax Coffee House. Watch other artists at

This video was produced by 78 Degrees West Films. We shoot with a Canon XF300 and a Canon EOS T3i. It was edited and color graded with FCPX.

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