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Encaustic Painting

Sherri Rowan

Since 1980, Sherri Rowan, a WV native and a Tamarack artist, has been creating nature-inspired Fine Art, using various media in both Realism and Abstract Expressionism. Today she likes to “paint with a torch.”

Her present body of work is Encaustic, an ancient, archival technique. To control viscosity and make paints that are ultra rich in hue, Sherri creates her own paints, using beeswax, tree resin, oil paint, & earth pigments. “Ever since I was a child,” she says, “color has had a very emotional attachment for me. I get lost, only to find myself, in the creative process as I paint. I wish for others to be as moved as I am, especially by the interesting textures and depth afforded by encaustic.” Learn more about her work on Facebook as Art by Sha, and Wax Ecstatic Encaustics, Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest “Art Sparks the Imagination.”
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ArtVoiceWV: seth.

seth. moved to Thomas WV on the advice of a friend. It turned out to be an excellent suggestion because seth. discovered his inner artist. What began as doodles on slips of paper blossomed into a rewarding career as an artist who captures his audience with a combination of profound perceptions and somewhat silly characters.

But as with many artists, seth. continued to explore form and function. This led him to a form of encaustic “painting” using melted crayons. With three friends, he opened The White Room Art Gallery in Thomas, WV. Learn more about seth. here –

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ArtVoiceWV is production of 78 Degrees West Films. Major support for ArtVoiceWV is provided by Dave Graves, Sally & Jerry Berman, and Jan & Harold Bright. Additional support is provided by Polly & Terre Jones, Karen & Rick Schneider, Clara Ladd Ceil & Rand Jones, Pat & Bob Marrgraf, Jan Weinberg, Arlene & Tony Verge, FAST Foundation, Star Theater, Susan & Gat Caperton, Ian Weinschel, Beth & Tim Rowland, Kate Lehman, Jane McCloud and Eryn & Brian Lampe.

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