ArtVoiceWV profiles West Virginia artists and explores what sparks their creativity. Our artists tell their story in their own words. The videos vary in length and style, reflecting the artist and his/her work.

Each conversation includes a mix of the past, the present, and delves into the artists creative process…what moves them to choose metal or pastels, clay or camera.  Why the abstract, the whimsical, the stark, the exquisite draw them to their subject.

ARTVOICEWV.   It’s not about product.  It’s not about process.  It’s a quest.  An exploration of artistic inspiration.  Of artistic purpose…motivation.  Hoping to probe an individuals core of creativity.

ArtVoiceWV is produced by Jack Kelly and Marla Carr. Jack has 30 years experience producing for public broadcasting. Marla also worked in public broadcasting but chose to pursue a career in the arts. Jack and Marla retired to Berkeley Springs, WV to be near family and to live in a small but vibrant arts community. Together they created the ArtVoiceWV project.

Kelly’s production company, 78 Degrees West Films, provides the production and post-production facilities for ArtVoiceWV.