Jeanne has shared the comments she received on her Facebook site. I wanted to pass them on.

Kathy Robinson Wow! Great video! Great vision!

Lynne Ferrarie-Fiser Jeanne, I was in awe of you when I was a little girl; I am in awe of you as an adult. This was wonderful, cuz.

• Maggie Duval Not an artist?! Guffaw!

• Barb Wolfe Absolutely fantastic!

• Kim Blankenship Sometimes the really good artists are among the last to recognize that what he or she is – among many other life roles – is an artist. I definitely think of you as an artist. Certainly sharing. Thanks for doing it and posting.

• Debra Camp Welch Wonderful Jeanne!!! I loved watching it but was surprised that you do not think yourself an artist….others do as writing is an art as well as photography! Anyway it was so nice to have you in my home.

• Peter Corum Every time I talk with you, listen to something you say, read what you have written, I learn something new – “Holding the Vision” resonates so much with me, I’d be happy to be an Apprentice on your ride.

• Stacy Dugan Very nice.

• Marion Kuulei Lewis GREAT…Great…Holder of the Vision…you are so Amazing…

• Johnny Robinson Everyone should want to be a part of this vision! George Washington could not have said it better.

• Kristina French Carpenter That was wonderful. She is Berkeley Springs.

• Bill Dunn Great video! The Star, Jeanne, and Jack are such great assets our community.

• West Virginia Book Company Jeanne, I loved this! What a great champion you are for Berkeley Springs and the arts.

• Sally Brinkmann Love the video.

• Elise Woods Very good, well done.

• Patti Miller — Love this video with Jeanne Mozier

• Linda Kharrat — Just watched a video clip of you. I believe I love you more! I love your vision and I appreciate you even more.YOU ARE TOTALLY A GODDESS!