Jan has been making prints for over 30 years. Her printmaking techniques have evolved over the years by experimentation and innovation. All of her prints are hand pulled, signed and numbered.
In 1979,drawn by the natural beauty and friendly quality of the Berkeley Springs area, Jan left the Washington, DC area with her husband, painter Jonathan Heath, and their son, Damian, to build their home and studios. Working and living in rural Morgan County provides a continuing source of inspiration for Jan’s prints. In 1992, Jan and Jonathan opened the Heath Studio Gallery in Berkeley Springs. http://jheath.com

Music by Aural Method (used with permission). “Let us face the evening skies with child – like eyes” http://auralmethod.com

ArtVoice (artvoicewv.wordpress.com) is an original online series produced by 78 Degrees West Films (78degreeswest.com).

Our equipment: Canon XF300 and Canon EOS T3i. Edited with FCPX, Motion 5. Color graded with FCPX. Additional plugins by Crumplepop (Lumineux) and Pixel Film Studios (Prolumetric). 78Degreeswest.com and artvoicewv.