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March 2013

Closed Captioning

With the latest episode of ArtVoice, we have added captioning. YouTube uses an experimental voice recognition program that reads a plain text caption file. If you want to give it a try, click on the CC icon in the video navigation button. The captions do a fairly good job of landing in the right place at the right time.

If you like this feature, post a comment and let me know.

ArtVoice: Veronica Wilson

Veronica Wilson has been creating stunning glass art for more than 12 years. Initially she studied photography but decided that it was not an art form that intrigued her. She moved to ceramic art. After moving to Berkeley Springs, WV, Veronica met a glass artist named Ragtime. Working with him, she found both beauty and satisfaction in glass art. Veronica is a member of the Frog Valley Artisans (, whose studios are located in Berkeley Springs, WV.

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Music was provided by Capo Production Music. (

This video was shot with a Canon XF300 and a Canon EOS T3i. Editing and color grading on FCPX.

ArtVoice: Donna Godlove

First Impressions: Content with the course life has plotted, Donna has moved from banker to wife to mother to artist…savoring every experience.  Her approach to her art reflects that contentment, that peace.  Pastels seem the perfect tool to translate the scene…whether that be reality or a dream.  Within her art she finds a another world.

Donna’s work can be seen at the Fairfax Coffee House in Berkeley Springs, WV through April 2013.

Music by Mathias Piano Man. Album: A spark of light; Track: Spontaneously.

The video was shot with the Canon XF300 camcorder and edited on FCPX.

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