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February 2013

Mark Schwenk

Mark Schwenk is a metal artist and blacksmith. He comes from a long line of blacksmiths and metal workers dating back to the 1700’s and has kept that tradition alive since he was a child. For 15 years here at Frog Valley, he has been creating unique sculpture, and metal wok. In the past few years he has been able to expand the shop and now offers a complete line of hand-forged iron-works including custom sculpture. See more of Mark’s work at

First Impressions: A conundrum.  Free spirit born to the upwardly mobile.   Charismatic.  Mischievous.  A man evolved and evolving.  Living with nature, depicting it, shaping it , translating it.  Paying homage to tools from antiquity…and to a heritage forged with metal workers…in creating the abstract and the funky.

Music is provided by Lowercase Noises. I used the Roaring Forties track from the Passage album. Enjoy the wonderful music at

The video was shot with the Canon XF300 camcorder and edited on FCPX. I also used plug-ins from Pixel Film Studios.

Lynn Lavin

Lynn Lavin is a clay artist who loves animals. She creates whimsical sculptures of tigers, penguins, burrowing owls and polar bears, all of which are endangered species. She began her work as a means to express the light side of life. While she has work in traditional clay formats, her animals truly express her inner vision. Lynn is an active member of the Morgan Arts Council and the Icehouse Artist Co-op.

First Impressions: Her artistic muse seems to be personified in “Mr. Penguin Goes  a Courtin'”.   Whimsy, humor, a warm affection…optimism reigns.  Her  conviction underlies a gentle facade…thus she shares her love of clay, the power of clay with children of all ages.  One might suspect that her creature cats and dogs, polar bears and birds are her companions of choice.

Diane Petersen

Diane Petersen is a West Virginia photographer. Her worked was recently featured at the Fairfax Coffee House in Berkeley Springs. Diane has been taking pictures for nearly ten years. Her exhibition showcases her work exploring barns. Diane is a board member of the Morgan Arts Council in Berkeley Springs, WV.

First impressions.  Diane Peterson.  Controlled, precise, intelligent.  Her images are straight forward, thoughtful…even whimsy and color are tamed.  She readily articulates what she thinks about her work.  Her approach to her art seems less a quest and more a gratifying circumstance.

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